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Our Story with CTM

We are a Canadian established Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) manufacturer in Richmond, British Colombia. It all started with the COVID-19 pandemic when we realized in March 2020, Canadian people couldn’t receive the previously ordered PPE products due to export bans in different countries.

We started by researching and learning extensively about the most recent technologies, standards, machinery, different types of raw materials and even the business itself.


We were working around the clock for 8 months before we could touch our first product which was an Earloop disposable surgical mask. 

We had to overcome several anticipated obstacles from raising establishment fund to order the machinery and high quality raw materials in a very high demand and competitive market.

We are so proud of our team who made this ambitious project to happen with determination and hard work.

Future Outlook

Amid nowadays rapid change in business orientation, we are seeking to strengthen our production power and expand our products to cover all PPE products so that we can continue to contribute to healthcare systems’ needs  in Canada and all around the world.

In addition, our R&D team is working on innovative technologies to bring the AI power to the production line in order to speed up the production along with a more advanced and accurate procedure.

We are also welcoming any fruitful contribution or joint venture to expand quicker and contribute better to our communities.


Office Contacts

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170-11120 Bridgeport Road. Richmond, BC, Canada